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Steer Roping on a Blue Valentine Gelding Steer Roping on a Blue Valentine Gelding

Steer Roping at Cheyenne Frontier Days on a Blue Valentine bred Gelding.

Bill and Sue Ann Craddock have been raising high quality arena horses for 30+ years. Athletic bodies with trainable minds has always been their goal. Bill and Sue Ann happen to think pretty doesn't hurt either. A lifetime of experience as a calf roper, bulldogger, tie-down steer roper , team roper and rancher makes Bill uniquely gifted as a judge of good horses. “If you aren’t well mounted, you might as well be walking” has always been his philosophy. There are no "trendy" horses at the Spur Lazy Spur Ranch - each colt is the result of careful breeding and culling to produce a smart, versatile, sound and sane individual. The Spur Lazy Spur brand is not applied until each colt passes Bill and Sue Ann's rigorous standards for both conformation and disposition. They are handled correctly from birth to sale so you can be assured if you purchase a horse with a Spur Lazy Spur brand you are buying a superior horse.

Look around and you will see this brand at ropings, barrel races, horse shows and there is even a jumper, all proudly sporting a Spur Lazy Spur brand.

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Deming, New Mexico